Education Journals and Magazines
American Educator
A publication of the American Federation of Teachers. Quarterly.
American Journal of Education
“The Journal seeks to bridge and integrate the intellectual, methodological, and substantive diversity of educational scholarship, and to encourage a vigorous dialogue between educational scholars and practitioners. To achieve that goal, papers are published that present research, theoretical statements, philosophical arguments, critical syntheses of a field of educational inquiry, and integrations of educational scholarship, policy, and practice.” Quarterly. University of Chicago Press.
American School Board Journal
“The mission of American School Board Journal is to meet the informational needs of school board members, professional educators, and the educational policy community by chronicling change, interpreting issues, and providing practical advice on a broad range of topics pertinent to school governance and management, policy making, student achievement, and the art of school leadership.” Monthly.
American Secondary Education
“The journal features articles by practitioners and researchers, addressing current theories, research, and practice.” Quarterly.
American Teacher
A publication of the American Federation of Teachers. Monthly;, published 8 times during the school year.
Childhood Education
“ ...features authoritative articles about innovative classroom practices, vital issues affecting education, children and families; child growth and development theory; hands-on classroom activities; reviews of new children's books, videos, software and professional resources.” Bimonthly.
The Clearing House
The Clearing House offers informative, practical articles on teaching and administration in middle schools and junior and senior high schools. In peer-reviewed articles, educators report their successes in teaching as well as present articles on administrative procedures, school programs, and teacher education for the secondary level." Six times yearly.
Curriculum Review
Curriculum Review helps teachers hone their craft through mutual support and the sharing of ideas.” Classroom activities, technology updates, and Q & A. Published monthly during the school year.
Education Digest
The Education Digest reviews the best of recent periodicals and reports on education to produce 12 or more condensations for quick, easy reading, along with the regular monthly columns and features.” Published May through September.
Education Review
Education Review publishes reviews of recent books in education, covering the entire range of education scholarship and practice."
Education Week
“Editorial Projects in Education Inc. publishes Education Week, the monthly Teacher Magazine, and Education Week on the Web. [It is] a nonprofit, tax-exempt organization based in Washington, D.C. [Their] primary mission is to help raise the level of awareness and understanding among professionals and the public of important issues in American education. [They] cover local, state, and national news and issues from preschool through the 12th grade.”
Electronic School
A technology magazine for K-12 school leaders. Published quarterly as a print and online supplement to American School Board Journal.
The Elementary School Journal
“ ...designed to serve both the researcher and the practitioner in elementary and middle school education. While exploring central problems in education theory, the Journal also explores the complex problems of the classroom. In addition, ESJ presents articles that relate the latest research in child development, cognitive psychology, sociology, and anthropology to school learning and teaching.” Published 5 times per year.
English Education (NCTE)
“The official journal of the Conference on English Education of the NCTE. contains articles that focus on issues related to the nature of the discipline, especially as it spans all levels of instruction, and the education and development of teachers of English at all levels.” Quarterly.
English Journal (NCTE)
English Journal “is a journal of ideas for English language arts teachers in junior and senior high schools and middle schools. EJ presents information on the teaching of writing and reading, literature, and language. Each issue examines the relationship of theory and research to classroom practice and reviews current materials of interest to English teachers, including books and electronic media.” Bimonthly.
English Leadership Quarterly (NCTE)
“is a publication of CEL (the Conference on English Leadership), and helps department chairs, K-12 supervisors, and other leaders in their role of improving the quality of English instruction. ELQ offers short articles on a variety of issues important to decision makers in the English language arts.”
Gifted Child Quarterly
Gifted Child Quarterly publishes manuscripts that offer new or creative insights about giftedness and talent development in the context of the school, the home, and the wider society. The journal also publishes quantitative or qualitative research studies as well as manuscripts which explore policy and policy implications."
Gifted Child Today
“ ...offers educators practical and timely information about motivating and educating talented learners. The magazine includes articles from around the country featuring the very best ideas for teachers of these special children.”
The Harvard Education Letter: Classroom-tested strategies for improving teaching and learning
“Concise yet comprehensive, each issue of the Letter covers the topics directly affecting busy teachers, administrators, and community members. School reform. Standards, testing, and accountability. Educating immigrant students. After school education. Professional development. Teacher retention. ...summarizes the latest education research and synthesizes it with practical suggestions you can put to daily use in your classrooms and schools."
Harvard Educational Review
“...a scholarly journal of opinion and research in education. Its mission is to provide an interdisciplinary forum for discussion and debate about education's most vital issues.”
High School Journal
“Articles dealing with adolescent growth, development, interests, beliefs, values, learning, and the like, as they affect school practice. In addition, it reports on research dealing with teacher, administrator, and student interaction within the secondary school setting. Successful teaching techniques are reported as is research on secondary school teaching and teaching techniques.” Published bi-monthly.
Journal for the Education of the Gifted
“ internationally distributed journal committed to the analysis and communication of knowledge and research on the gifted and talented.”
Journal of Adolescent & Adult Literacy
Published by the International Reading Organization. JAAL is “...the only peer-reviewed literacy journal published exclusively for teachers of adolescents and adult learners. With each issue, JAAL gives you the practical solutions you need to overcome your toughest classroom challenges. Offers authoritative, classroom-tested advice grounded in sound research and theory.”
The Journal of Educational Research
“In concise articles, contributors examine new procedures, evaluate traditional practices, and replicate previous research for validation. Articles can frequently serve as curriculum guides.”
Journal of Research in Childhood Education
“The Journal seeks to stimulate the exchange of research ideas through publication of reports of empirical research, theoretical articles, ethnographic and case studies, cross-cultural studies and studies addressing international concerns, participant observation studies, and studies deriving data collected from naturalistic settings.”
Journal of Secondary Gifted Education
“The journal offers a mixture of innovative theory and research focused on adolescents. It is designed especially for professionals interested in secondary and post-secondary programs for gifted and talented children.”
Journal of Teacher Education
Written and edited by teacher educators. “The Journal of Teacher Education is leading teacher education toward the 21st century with timely, thorough articles written by expert practitioners. The editors ensure that all material is relevant, up-to-date, and of the highest quality.” Five times a year.
Language Arts (NCTE)
This journal is published “for elementary and middle school teachers and teacher educators. It provides a forum for discussions on all aspects of language arts learning and teaching, primarily as they relate to children in pre-kindergarten through the eighth grade. Issues discuss both theory and classroom practice, highlight current research, and review children's and young adolescent literature, as well as classroom and professional materials of interest to language arts educators.”
Middle School Journal
“...a refereed journal, is an official publication of National Middle School Association. The Journal publishes articles that promote middle level education and contribute to an understanding of the educational and developmental needs of youth between the ages of 10 and 15."
Reading Research Quarterly (IRA)
Published by the International Reading Association, RRQ “is the leading peer-reviewed professional research journal for those committed to scholarship on questions of literacy among learners of all ages. RRQ supports the spirit of inquiry that is essential to the ongoing development of literacy research, and provides a forum for multidisciplinary research, alternative modes of investigation, and variant viewpoints about the nature of literacy practices and policies of diverse groups of persons around the world.”
The Reading Teacher (IRA)
Published by the International Reading Association, RT “is the choice for those involved with literacy education of children to the age of 12. A peer-reviewed, professional journal published eight times yearly, RT gives thoughtful consideration to practices, research, and trends in literacy education and related fields.” Eight times yearly.
Research in the Teaching of English (NCTE)
“...publishes scholarship that explores issues in the teaching and learning of literacy at all levels. Drawing on diverse empirical and intellectual traditions, RTE articles are methodologically and theoretically explicit, and raise issues of significance for language arts practice and policy. In addition to reports of empirical studies, we also welcome historical studies, critical essays, and literature reviews that can help broaden current conceptions of literacy teaching and learning.” Quarterly.
Science & Children (NSTA)
Published by the National Science Teachers Association, “Science and Children is dedicated to those concerned with teaching science at the elementary science level from preschool to sixth grade. The content reflects the needs of its audience of classroom teachers, science supervisors and administrators, teacher educators, and parents.”
Science Scope (NSTA)
Published by the National Science Teachers Association, SS is targeted toward middle and junior-high level science educators.
The Science Teacher (NSTA)
Published by the National Science Teachers Association, The Science Teacher is a professional journal for high school science educators.
Talking Points (NCTE)
“ published by WLU, the Whole Language Umbrella, a conference of NCTE. Talking Points helps promote literacy research and the use of whole language instruction in classrooms. It provides a forum for parents, classroom teachers, and researchers to reflect about literacy and learning.” Semiannually.
Voices from the Middle (NCTE)
“Each issue includes teachers' descriptions of authentic classroom practices, middle school students' reviews of adolescent literature, a technology column, and reviews of professional resources for teachers. Voices from the Middle also explores the connections between the theory and practice of each issue's topic.” Quarterly.
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