Welcome the wonderful and rewarding world of teaching! As a beginning teacher, you probably have many questions and concerns. On these pages we have tried to provide you with answers, advice, encouragement, and inspiration.
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New-Teacher FAQs
Q. Where can I find lesson plans already created?
A. You can find thousands of high-quality lessons on the Internet. Go to Education Oasis's lesson plan page here. Scroll down and you will find many links to high-quality lesson plan banks.
Q: How do I manage discipline problems?
A: The first step is prevention. Having a set of rules and procedures will help with prevention. Here is an article that explains the why, how, and when of creating rules and procedures. Of course, even if you have prepared well, discipline issues inevitably arise. One of the best online references can be found at You Can Handle Them All. First, you identify the misbehavior then read the four steps which explain why the behavior is occuring and how to handle that particular behavior.
Q. How does the No Child Left Behind act affect me?
A. The act is comprehensive and complex. For specific questions you should contact your local district's certification office. The federal government has created a toolkit for teachers that helps explain the law. Click here for the toolkit. (PDF file)
Do you have a question not answered here? Please feel free to us with questions you may have. We are here to help.
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