State Standards
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Types of Tests
Assessment Articles at Education Oasis
"Assessment as a Tool for Learning" by Jill Hearne, Ph.D.
"A Beginner's Guide to Figuring Your Grades" by Scott Mandel, Ph.D.
"The Case for Authentic Assessment" by Grant Wiggins
General Assessment Resources Online
Alternative Assessments  Information; links to articles.
Assessment in Mathematics Teaching  List of resources.
No Child Left Behind: A Tool Kit for Teachers  This 66-page booklet contains important information on the law, focusing on the teacher quality provisions and how the law supports teachers. PDF file.
PALS (Performance Assessment Links in Science) Resource bank for science assessment performance tasks.
Project-Based Learning Checklists Helps you create checklists.
Webquests: Creating a Rubric for a Given Task
Articles Concerning Assessment Online
"Designing Scoring Rubrics for Your Classroom" by Craig A. Mertler. Discusses the steps involved in designing scoring rubrics as well as holistic and analytical rubrics.
"How to Turn Rubric Scores into Grades" by Cam Miller.
"Instructional Assessment Techniques"  Links to 3 articles.
"Recommendations for Developing Classroom Performance Assessments and Scoring Rubrics"
by Barbara M. Moskal. Discusses the four phases of the classroom assessment process-planning, gathering, interpreting and using.
"Scoring Rubrics: What, When, and How?" by Barbara M. Moskal.
"Understanding Rubrics" Concise article with rubrics.
Test Development Resources Online
Tools for Teaching: Quizzes, Tests, Exams  General strategies, types of tests, and more.
Rubrics Online
Rubrics can be an extremely effective tool in evaluating a student's performance.
RubiStar A free tool to help you make quality rubrics. Highly recommended.
Teachnology Provides several free rubrics that you may modify.
Individual/Specific Rubrics Online
Rubics A large collection of teacher-made rubrics on a variety of subjects. Excellent resource.
Analytical Essay on Theme
Analyzing a Primary Source
Assessing Interaction in Distance Learning
Cooperative Learning Project Rubric: Process
Cooperative Learning Project Rubric: Outcome or Product
Cooperative Learning Project Rubric: Outcome or Product
Editorial Rubric
Electronic Portfolio Rubric
Graphic Organizers - Inspiration Diagrams
Language Arts Rubrics (Scroll down to see rubrics.)
Language Usage Rubric Middle School
Map Rubric
Metaphoric Poem
Multimedia Mania
Multimedia Project
Oral Presentation
Persuasiave Speech
Short Story Analysis
Sight and Sound in Nature Scoring Rubrics
Slide Show/Letter
Video Project Rubric
6-Traits Writing Rubric  Middle Grades; PDF
Writing to Inform Rubric
Writing for Personal Expression Rubric
Writing to Persuade Rubric
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