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Teacher Guides
These guides provide educators with background information.
No Escape: The Truth About Black Holes »
Light and Color »
Fast Facts for Science Teachers and Students
These guides provide a quick overview of various topics.
Branches of Science »
Conversion Factors »
The Ozone Layer »
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The Decibel Scale »
Student Activity Sheets
"Buttefly Life Cycle." Drawing activity. PDF file
"Water Cycle." Flow chart and drawing activity. Target Age: Upper Elementary and Middle. PDF file
The Five Kingdoms. Handout. PDF file
Bookmark: The Five Kingdoms. 3 per sheet. PDF file

Terrific Science Sites for Teachers

Adventures of the Agronauts  Grade: 3. Curriculum. Space science and plant biology.
Alaska SeaLife Center
  Satellite telemetry in rehabilitation and research.
Amazing Space
  Teaching tools, online explorations, homework help, and more.
American Astronomical Society

Astronomy Magazine

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Butterflies of North America
ChemiCool  Periodic Table
Cornell"s Science and Arts Gateway for Education

Creative Chemistry

Darwin   American Museum of Natural History. A plethora of information about Darwin. Darwin 200   Natural History Museum.
Darwin Digital Library of Evolution
Dinosaurs by SEDL
  Curriculum and lesson plans.
DNA Interactive

Earth and Moon Viewer

Earth Sky Podcasts

EPA Environmental Center
EurekAlert!   Science news portal.

Exploring Time
Time-lapse videos of a wide variety of events.
Extreme Science
Frank Potter's Science Gems: Great Links to Great Science Resources
Franklin Institute of Living Things

Galileo Project
Health Science Curriculum
Infrared Astronomy Tutorial
Instructional Materials in Science Education   Links.
Jason Project Kid's Planet  Wolf curriculum, otter unit, black bear curriculum, wildlife biography.
Microbial Ecology   Home of the MicrobeZoo.
Middle School Portal   Links to science and math resources on the Internet.
Monarch Watch

National Air and Space Museum

National Science Foundation
NASA Earth Observatory  Check out the images available!
NASA Education
NASA Human Space Flight
Ocean Themed WebQuests
The Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network

A Private Universe Project

Putting DNA to Work

Rockets Away
Science Education Gateway

Science Fair Theme Page

Science Fair Topics

Science Friday: Kids' Connection
  Grades: 6-8.
Science Lessons by Grade and Subject

Science Made Simple: Online Conversions

Science Net Links

Science News for Kids
Science of Hockey

Scientific American
Scientific Biography
SciNet Science Search
Strange Matter

Superfund for Students and Teachers
  Effects of pollution from the EPA.
Teacher's Guides
  Sea World and Busch Gardens.
Teacher's Lab
USGS The Learning Web
Understanding Evolution One-stop source of information on evolution. Lesson plans included.
Weather Calculators

The Weather Channel

Wild Birds Unlimited

Super Science Sites for Students

American Field Guide  Video clips and information about ecosystems, earth and space, plants, and more.
Atoms Family

  Check out the free movies section.
Building Big
   Explore large structures and what it takes to build them. Companion to the PBS series.
Changing the Face of Medicine: Women Physicians 
  Resources, games, more. Grades: 6 and up.
ChemiCool  Periodic Table
  American Museum of Natural History. A plethora of information about Charles Darwin.
Darwin 200
  Natural History Museum.
EIA's Kids Page: Energy
Energy Quest
Energy Quest: Super Scientists  Brief biographies and resources.
Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception

EurekAlert! Science News and Resources for Kids

Exploring Time
  Time-lapse videos of a wide variety of events: glacier retreats, gymnast, seasons, and more. Franklin Institute Online
National Geographic for Kids

Neuroscience for Kids
Playing with Time  Movies which show things sped up or slowed down; activities.
Rockets Away!  Exploring the science of rocketry.
Rough Science
  Grades: 6 and up.
Science Fair Topics
Simply Science
  Resources, information, "flash bits," and more.
Sodaconstructor  Use digital soda straws to construct models.
Understanding Evolution
  One-stop source of information on evolution.
The Why Files: Science Behind the News

The Yuckiest Site on the Internet

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