Printables: Bookmarks
Here you will find fact-filled bookmarks for your students. Simply print, cut out, and distribute. For greater durability, print the bookmarks on cardstock and laminate.
All of the bookmarks are PDF files. You will need an Adobe Reader to view and print them. If you do not have a Reader, you may download one here. It's easy and free!
Language Arts and Reading Bookmarks
What Good Readers Do.
Poetry Terms. Upper elementary, middle.
SQ3R. Upper elementary, middle, high. Previewing an Assigned Reading. Upper elementary, middle, high.
Math Bookmarks
Metric Symbols. Middle, high.      
Science Bookmarks
The Planets. Elementary, middle.
Includes a photograph with planet's name.
The Planets. Middle, high.
Includes a photograph with diameter, solar distance, length of day, orbital period, and gravity information.



Social Studies Bookmarks
The Seven Continents. Upper elementary, middle. The Five Themes of Geography. Upper elementary, middle, high.
Parts of a Map. Upper elementary, middle. Includes: title, compass rose, grid, symbol, key, scale.      
Globe Geo-Terms. Upper elementary, middle, high. Nine terms associated with the globe.
Types of Governments. Upper elementary, middle, high.
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