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Most of the printables found here are PDF files. You will need an Adobe® Reader to view and print them. If you do not have a Reader, you may download one here. It's easy, fast, and free! Note: Some of the printables may be filled out (and then printed) in the Adobe® program.






Awards and Certificates
Awards, birthday certificates, class coupons, homework passes are available for download. Go »
Fact-filled bookmarks for your students. Simply print, cut out, and distribute. For greater durability, print the bookmarks on cardstock and laminate. Bookmarks available in various subject areas. Go »
2016 Monthly Calendars
To download and print a calendar, click on either the Word® icon or the Adobe® PDF file icon
Once you download the calendar, you may insert information or modify it as you wish in Word.


Month   Word    or   PDF   Month    Word    or   PDF
January, 2016
  July, 2016
February, 2016
  August, 2016
March, 2016
  September, 2016
April, 2016
  October, 2016
May, 2016
  November, 2016
June, 2016
  December, 2016
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Checklists and Guides
arrowGuide for Evaluating Instructional Material for Cultural Appropriateness
Classroom Forms and Charts
arrowActivity Chart
arrowAssignments Due Chart
Classroom Posters
Our Cafeteria Rules. Blank poster with graphic. Either "open" or "save" file. Then, type in your rules and print.
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Coloring Pages


All coloring pages are PDF files.

America Quilts Coloring Page
arrowBoy Bunny Coloring Page
arrowBunny Coloring Page
arrowBunny with Hearts Coloring Page
arrowButterflies in the Garden Coloring Page
arrowChristmas Bear (Boy) Coloring Page
arrowChristmas Bear (Girl) Coloring Page
arrowChristmas Kitten and Puppy Coloring Page
arrowChristmas Presents Coloring Page
arrowChristmas Tree Coloring Page
arrowChristmas Wreath Coloring Page
arrowCountry Snowman Coloring Page
arrowEaster Bear Coloring Page
arrowEaster Eggs Coloring Page
arrowFun in the Fall Coloring Page
arrowGingerbread Girl Coloring Page
arrowGingerbread House Coloring Page
arrowGirl Bunny Coloring Page
arrowHappy Mother's Day Angel Watering Flowers Coloring Page
How Many Bees Do You See? Coloring Page
arrowI Love the Earth! Coloring Page. Earth Day.
arrowI Love Quilting Coloring Page
arrowKittens in a Basket Coloring Page
arrowLady Scarecrow Coloring Page
arrowLadybugs Welcome! Coloring Page
arrowMother and Baby Bunny Coloring Page
arrowPilgrim Bear Coloring Page
arrowScarecrow Coloring Page
arrowSleigh Days Coloring Page
arrowSnowman Family Coloring Page
arrowSt. Patrick's Day Bear Coloring Page
arrowTwo Happy Pumpkins Coloring Page
arrowUnder the Sea Coloring Page
arrowWinter Moose Coloring Page

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Conference Forms
arrowPre-Conference Communication Form
Letters and Reminders Home
arrowProgress Report: Reason(s) for Failure
arrowLetter informing parents of Dental Health Unit. Includes book lists and resources.
arrow "Don't Forget" reminder with black and white elephant graphic. arrow
"Don't Forget" reminder with pink elephant graphic.
arrow "Don't Forget" reminder with black and white tied finger graphic. arrow "Don't Forget" reminder with purple elephant graphic.
stationery arrow "Happy St. Patrick's Day" stationery with bear and
blank lines.
stationery arrow
"Happy Easter" stationery with Easter bear and blank lines.
stationery arrow "Happy Easter" stationery with basket bear and lines. stationery arrow "Happy Easter" stationery with Easter bunny face and blank lines.
Student Surveys
arrowSelf-Discovery Reflection Questions. Suitable for high school.
arrowStudent Information and Interest Survey. Suitable for middle school language arts.
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All Subjects
arrowLanguage Strategies for Active Classrom Participation. List of expressions students may use to communicate clearly and connect their ideas to the ideas of others.
Language Arts
arrow "Dear Mother" note with blank lines for Mother's Day. arrow "Dear Mother" letter with blank lines for Mother's Day.
arrowAlphabet Letters. Large, open, block letters:
              A  B  C  D  E  F  G  H  I  J  K  L  M  N  O  P  Q  R  S  T  U  V  W  X  Y  Z
arrowAnagrams. Worksheet using the third grade Dolch word list. 
arrowCharacter Traits. Students determine how a character changes over the course of the story/novel. T-Chart.

Consonant Review Activity Sheets:   

Beginning Consonant Review
Final Consonant Review
arrowHomophones. Worksheet.
arrowHomophones. Comprehensive list.
arrowHomophones. Short list appropriate for elementary.
arrowHomophone flashcards. Print, cut out, laminate.
arrowIdioms. Worksheet.
arrow110 Poetry Quotes
arrowPrefixes. May be viewed online.
arrowStudent Information and Interest Survey. Suitable for middle school.
arrowQuestion Creation Chart. Graphic Organizer. Helps you or your students create questions.
Vowel Review Activity Sheets:
Short Vowel Review
Long Vowel Review

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arrowCount the Ladybugs. 1-5; Practice writing numbers.
arrowCount the Frogs. 1-5; Practice writing numbers.
arrowCounting to 25. Fill in the number chart.
arrowCounting to 50.Fill in the number chart.
arrowCounting to 100. Fill in the number chart.
arrowHow Many Bees Do You See? Count and Color.
arrowCount the Cute Calico Kittens. Count and Color. 1-5; Practice writing numbers.
arrowMetric Symbols on a bookmark. 3 bookmarks per page.
arrowCommon Metric Prefixes Handout. Includes prefix, symbol, exponent, word, and number.
arrowRoman Numerals Worksheet. Brief explanation and practice.
arrowRoman Numerals 1-100. List.
arrow "Fall Into a Good Book" certificates.
reading contract
"Reading Contract" Upper elementary  or middle/high.
arrow "Read 'em Cowboy" reading record fill-in. B&W.
    more to come . . .
arrow "Reading Contract." Elementary.
arrowQuestions, Questions, Questions. Handout. Students write questions as they read an assigned text.
arrowQuestioning the Text. 3 critical thinking activities using the newspaper.
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Science and Nature
arrowThe Five Kingdoms. Fact sheet with illustrations.
arrowButtefly Life Cycle. Drawing activity.
arrowWater Cycle. Flow chart and drawing activity. Upper elementary, middle.
Social Studies
arrowFascinating Geography Facts. May also be viewed online.
arrowOfficial State Nicknames. May also be viewed online.
You may fill out the following sheets and print. You will need Adobe Reader to view and use the files. If you do not have Adobe Reader, you may download a free one here.
arrowWritten Document Analysis Worksheet
arrowPhoto Analysis Worksheet
arrowCartoon Analysis Worksheet
arrowPoster Analysis Worksheet
arrowMap Analysis Worksheet
arrowArtifact Analysis Worksheet
arrowMotion Picture Analysis Worksheet
arrowSound Recording Analysis Worksheet
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