Music and Movement
Months of the Year: Songs and Poems

Months of the Year to the Macarena

Directions: Sing the months of the year to the Macarena, using Macarena movements.

January (right hand faces down)
February (left hand faces down)
March (right hand faces up)
April (left hand faces up)
May (right hand on left shoulder)
June (left hand on right shoulder)
July (right hand on right ear)
August (left hand on left ear)
September (right hand on left waist)
October (left hand on right waist)
November (right hand on right hip)
December (left hand on left hip)
Then wiggle hips and say: Twelve months in a year!

Teacher Comments: Students like it when we jump and make a quarter turn after each time then repeat until we have done it four times.

Submitted by: Elouise Hollenbaugh

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