Fact vs. Opinion (Part I)

Lesson Author:
K.J. Wagner

Subject: Language Arts

Grade Levels: 6, 7, 8

Overview: Students will be introduced to the difference between facts and opinions. They will practice determining which statements are facts and which are opinions.

State/National Standards: Demonstrates literal, inferential, and evaluative comprehension skills by distinguishing between fact/opinion and real/unreal actions.

Learning Objectives:

The learner will:

  • become familiar with the difference between facts and opinions;

  • practice distinguishing between fact and opinion.


Student copies of the three-page "Fact vs. Opinion" packet: PDF file


Distribute the "Fact vs. Opinion" packet. Go over the first sheet with students. Ask students to give examples of facts and opinions.

Have students complete the "Fact vs. Opinion Practice" sheet. Once students are finished, go over answers together.

Have students complete the "Fact vs. Opinion: Seeing it in Action" sheet. You may want to have students pair up to help one another. Once students are finished, either have them turn the packet in or go over together as a class and let them self-grade.

Extension/Enrichment: Tell students to be on the lookout for statements of fact and statements of opinions while reading, watching television, talking to friends.

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