Pardon Me, Your Modifier is Dangling: A Creative Way to Teach Dangling
and Misplaced Modifiers

Lesson Author:
Melanie Lafleur

Subject: Language Arts (English)

Grade Level: 9, 10

Learning Objectives:

The learner will:
  • understand misplaced and dangling modifiers

  • correct misplaced and dangling modifiers

  • illustrate misplaced and dangling modifiers


  • class activities on dangling/misplaced modifiers

  • white typing paper

  • strips of paper with dangling/misplaced modifiers

  • markers

  • hole puncher

  • twine


  1. Teach a standard lesson on dangling/misplaced modifiers.

  2. Demonstrate how to illustrate a dangling/misplaced modifier, emphasizing the humor of the sentence.

  3. Each student will pick a dangling/misplaced modifier to illustrate.

  4. Each picture should include an illustration of the dangling/misplaced modifier, the actual sentence underneath it, and a corrected sentence on the back.

  5. Supply students with markers to make drawings more effective.

  6. After all the illustrations are collected, punch holes in the top of the picture.

  7. Using the twine, string all of the illustrations together and hang them from the ceiling in the classroom, thus becoming "dangling."

Sentences to Use:

A woman passed by, leading a springer spaniel in a long black dress.

After trying the combination several times, the lock finally opened.

Disappointed that vacation would soon end, September came all too quickly.

He went to the library wearing a leather jacket.

After reading the paper, the telephone rang.

Working all afternoon, the foundation was completed.

Running from New York to Florida , people ride the Silver Star.

Laughing loudly, the joke pleased the audience.

Forgetting to buy gas, the car wouldn't start.

Typing slowly, the paper seemed endless.

Eating too much, my stomach was upset.

Hopping briskly through the vegetable garden, I saw a toad.

Hard and full of clay, one must cultivate the soil.

Using high-powered binoculars, the lost child was found.

Celebrating my victory, a dinner with my friends lasted till midnight.

Not seeing the pothole, the skateboard went flying.

My cousin went on and on, describing the details of her wedding in the elevator.

The guide found the lion following its trail.

We saw dinosaurs on a field trip to the natural history museum.

Driving the old car, the brakes gave out.

Watching the documentary, the television went dead.

Oswald and Hilda found the flowers hiking up the mountain.

I found my missing baseball glove cleaning my room.

Don't try to pat the dog on the porch that is growling.

The photojournalist took a picture of a demonstrator with a long lens camera.

Blaring from the stereo, I didn't recognize the strange music.

From our seats we could see the stage clearly in the balcony.

The guest speaker had dedicated his new book to his dog who was an archaeologist.

I bought the red coat from the new shop owner with the enormous hood.

Peering through the trees, the path ahead was evident.

The smoke alarm went off while cooking my dinner.

A young woman knocked on the door wearing a suit and a hat.

Mother found a package outside our house tied with ribbons.

Covered in cream cheese, my friends will love these bagels.

Looking out the airplane window, the volcano seemed ready to erupt.

Before eating supper, your hands must be washed.

Many people watched the Fourth of July fireworks in their cars.

We saw several monkeys on vacation in Mexico .

That man bought a rare painting of an Indian with the briefcase.

The model posed gracefully in front of the statue in the designer gown.

We saw the trapeze artist swinging dangerously through our binoculars.

Standing on the dock, the boat didn't look safe to the sailors.

Reading a book, my cat crawled into my lap.

Bandits chased the stagecoach yelling wildly.

The vase was lying on the floor broken into several pieces.

Jogging down the sidewalk, my ankle was sprained.

Exhausted after a long hike, a tall, cool glass of water was a welcome sight.

We tiptoed over the ice in our heavy boots, which had begun to crack.

The sweater belongs to my best friend that has a V-shaped neck.

The library has several books about dinosaurs in our school.

After eating all their food, we put the cats outside.

Sitting in the bleachers, the outfielder caught the ball right in front of us.

Before moving to New York , Miami had been their home.

Thirsty and weary, the oasis was a welcome sight.

We saw a herd of sheep on the way to our hotel in Wales .

Dipped in yogurt, many people love fresh strawberries.

While trying to get ready for school, the doorbell rang suddenly.

A tarantula bit one of the dockworkers that had a hairy, huge body.

Mr. Reynold showed a car to his daughter that had just come off the assembly line.

The man and woman caught several fish using fancy lures.

Startled by the noise, the slamming door sent the kitten dashing headlong from the room.

Coming into the hall, the bouquet on the table looked beautiful.

After spending all day Saturday reading, my eyes ached.

Peering at my map, the streets looked completely unfamiliar.

While reading the newspaper, the cat jumped on the table.

While on her backpacking trip, the compass proved essential.

Cartwheeling head over foot, the spectators gasped at the acrobatic spectacle.

Tina showed the goldfish to her parents which had grown since she put it in a larger bowl.

I glimpsed a rat sorting the recyclable materials.

Placed at the curbside, the drivers picked up the recycled items.

Reading the book, the characters seemed real to her.

Flying overhead, I saw the geese pass by in a V-formation.

I sent a poster to Mom rolled in a tube.

Sitting on the telephone wire, he saw a meadowlark.

Looking through the telescope, the moon seemed enormous.

Going around the bend, the ocean came into view.

After finishing our dinner, fruit and cheese were served.

While doing the dishes, a mouse ran across the floor.

Scurrying into the anthill, I watched the ants with amazement.

We rented a boat from my cousin with two motors.

We saw several blue jays looking out our front window.

I found a huge boulder taking a shortcut through the woods.

We could see corn growing from our car window.

Sitting on the porch swing, the wasp startled the couple.

I gave olives to my friend that I stabbed with my fork.

While climbing the mountain, my backpack seemed to grow heavier and heavier.

While flying over the lake, the skyscrapers of Chicago appeared in the distance.

Strolling hand in hand to the farm, the young bulls broke out of the field and headed toward us.

Lying on the beach, mosquitoes attacked me.

While scuba diving in the ocean, a jellyfish stung me.

Marin watched a radiant sunset climbing a hill.

Chris offered him a book swinging in the hammock.

While typing my report, the keys jammed.

At the back of the refrigerator, I noticed a yellow apple.

The cat was perched on top of the fence that always seemed playful.

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©2005 Melanie Lafleur
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