You Read to Me, I'll Read to You:
Very Short Stories to Read Together

Author: Mary Ann Hoberman; Illustrator: Michael Emberley
Pages: 32
Publisher/Date: Little, Brown/Time Warner Book Group/2001
ISBN: 0316146110
Age Levels: 4 and up

Book Review

Not long ago I was attending a conference for reading teachers. The main topic of conversation was, as you might imagine, books. After the third person told me You Read to Me is "simply wonderful," and "a must-have," I decided I'd better check it out.

My colleagues were not exaggerating. You Read to Me, I'll Read to You is indeed one of those rare "must-haves." The book, as the title implies, is created for two voices. Thoughtfully, the text is divided into three columns, each done in a different color print. One reader reads the left-hand passages. The second reader reads the right-hand passages. Both readers, of course, read the text in the middle.

The dozen stories in the book are original, fresh, and funny. (Hoberman refers to them as little plays for two voices.) Each is short, rhythmic, and rhyming. Topics include: mice, cats, dogs, bears, snakes, snowmen, friendship, hats, and more.

Emberley's illustrations, done in pen, watercolor, and dry pastel, perfectly compliment and enrich the text. The character's actions and facial expressions are priceless.

Classroom Uses: The book works exceedingly well in the classroom. Perfect for "buddy reading," it also provides teachers a perfect vehicle for working one-on-one with students. As we know, reading aloud helps to build fluency—which in turn helps with comprehension. You Read to Me, I'll Read to You is the perfect fluency-building book.

Reviewed by K.J. Wagner
©2003 Education Oasis

About the Author

Mary Ann Hoberman is a poet and the critically acclaimed author of many books for children, including the beloved A House Is a House for Me, which won a National Book Award. Ms. Hoberman gives readings in libraries and schools, and her poems are included in countless anthologies. She lives in Greenwich, Connecticut.

About the Illustrator

Michael Emberley is the creator of the highly acclaimed picture book Ruby. He has also illustrated several bestselling titles by Robie Harris, including Happy Birth Day! Having grown up in a family of writers and artists, he is an avid reader and comic book fan. A native of New England, Mr. Emberley now lives in San Diego, California.


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