Toot & Puddle, The New Friend
Author: Holly Hobbie
Pages: 32
Publisher/Date: Little, Brown/2004
ISBN: 0316366366
Age Levels: 4-8

Book Review

Toot and Puddle are back with a new adventure. It is autumn, and Puddle's cousin, Opal, returns to Woodcock Pocket to visit, bringing a friend, Daphne, along with her.

Daphne is quite special, at least according to Opal. She can turn perfect cartwheels, do perfect backflips, jump rope perfectly, and play a Mozart violin concerto—perfectly, of course.

"Sometimes I wish I was as good at things as Daphne is," says Opal, feeling a bit overshadowed. "Everyone is different and everyone is good at different things," Puddle tells her.

Opal comes to see this for herself, when she bests Daphne in a card game and Daphne complains she's bored and quits. And when Daphne refuses to eat oatmeal or rake leaves "even for a little while," Opal begins to realize that Daphne may be a bit of a prima donna, and not quite the perfect pig she thought she was.

When Opal saves the day in the dramatic conclusion, she realizes an important truth: Everyone has strengths she can be proud of.

Hobbie's watercolor illustrations are full of piggy antics, cozy interior scenes, and colorful fallen leaves.

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About the Author

Holly Hobbie has worked as an artist for more than thirty years and is the author of seven previous Toot & Puddle picture books. The mother of grown children, she lives with her husband in Conway, Massachusetts.