Author: Matthew Van Fleet
Pages: 20
Publisher/Date: Red Wagon Books/Harcourt/2003
ISBN: 0152167730
Age Levels: 2-5

Book Review

Toddlers love Tails! At least that was our experience when we brought this fun, interactive book into a Head Start classroom. As its name implies, this is a book about various types of tails—from tiger tails to pig tails.

Each double page features something to touch (a shiny blue peacock tail), manipulate (a wagging fox tale), or smell (a skunk tail). The final two pages picture each of the creatures the reader has met throughout the book and allows them to count from one to ten.

Included are: foxes, pandas, pangolins, weasels, chipmunks, alligators, and tamarins, as well as the previously mentioned tigers and pigs.

The book itself is brilliantly designed and engineered. The covers are thick hardboard. The interior pages are heavy and sturdy and will hold up to repeated readings. We suggest that you buy several for your classroom—it's that good.

Reviewed by the teachers at Education Oasis
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About the Author

Matthew Van Fleet has written and illustrated many books for children, including Fuzzy Yellow Ducklings, which has sold more than a million copies. He lives in Chappaqua, New York.