Otto Has a Birthday Party
Author: Todd Parr
Pages: 24
Publisher/Date: Little, Brown/Time Warner Book Group/2004
ISBN: 0316739073
Age Levels: 3-6

Book Review

"Look! Otto's coming! He's here! Yeah!" These were the cheers which greeted me when I stepped inside a classroom full of kindergartners to read them the new Otto book. (Their teacher had, of course, prepared them for my visit and shown them a picture of Otto beforehand. And as kindergartners are wont to do with any creature as adorable as this pup, they immediately fell in love.)

Because it is Otto's birthday, he decides to make a cake. "Otto puts in a cup of flour, two shoes, three bones, some pepperoni, a cootie bug, and a hot dog."

Soon his friends arrive. They play "Pin the Tail on the Cat." Otto then opens his presents. (His favorite being a "just right" tennis ball.)

But when it is time for the cake . . . it explodes when Otto opens the oven door! (The children decided the explosion was caused by the cootie bug. They're volatile little things apparently.) Not to worry, however, the ice-cream truck arrives with a special delivery to save the day.

"So how did you like Otto's Birthday?" I asked. "It was deeelicious!" said one little girl. "I wub Otto!" declared another. "Read it again!" shouted the class. And so we did.

Reviewed by the teachers at Education Oasis
©2004 Education Oasis

About the Author

Todd Parr lives in San Francisco and likes to paint because it makes him feel good. His favorite colors are yellow, red, green, and blue. Parr's previous books have been praised by critics as "whimsical, upbeat" (Publisher's Weekly), "delightful fun" (Parenting), and "clever, amusing, reassuring" (School Library Journal). His designs appear on clothing, furniture, toys, and other products for children. You may visit Mr. Parr's colorful, creative, and clever website.