Mama Love
Author: Kathy Mallat
Pages: 24
Publisher/Date: Walker & Company/2004
ISBN: 0802789021
Age Levels: 2-6

Book Review

In this simple, rhyming tale a young chimpanzee tells of the love, protection, and caring his mother bestows upon him. In addition, Mama is "quite inventive, strong, and brave, and very attentive." In return, the chimp loves his mama: "She is the twinkle in my eye, my heart's pitter-patter . . . my star in the sky."

The illustrations, done in oil pastels and colored pencils, are outstanding. A plethora of lush greens, blues, and browns flow off the pages, making the jungle scenes and the animals come alive. Each double-page spread contains a phrase or a sentence in big, bold type.

An excellent choice for story time. Perfect also for Mother's Day.

Reviewed by the teachers at Education Oasis
©2004 Education Oasis

About the Author

Kathy Mallat teaches elementary art. She also visits schools in New England and beyond to share her experiences in writing and illustrating children's books. She and her husband, Steve, are the proud parents of daughters Erin and Meghan. Ms. Mallat lives in Lebanon, Maine.