Little Duck Lost
Author: Erica Briers; Illustrator: Stephanie Boey
Pages: 24
Publisher/Date: Dutton/Penguin Group/2004
ISBN: 0525472320
Age Levels: Infant to 5

Book Review

In this familiar tale, Little Duck hatches on a "grassy green riverbank" where the "bees hummed and wind whispered lazily." All alone, he sets out to find his true home. Along the way he meets a sleepy frog, wild river ducklings, a kind deer, a rabbit, a chick, and a rooster. No one can tell him the way home.

Just when all seems lost, a farm dog shows him the way to the farm pond. "The water looked calm and warm and inviting. With a dash and a splash, Little Duck plopped joyfully into the pond" along with the other little ducklings. He was home at last.

The story is wonderfully told and the colored pencil illustrations are exquisite. Done primarily in soft greens, blues, and yellows, the artwork is embossed, adding texture and visual appeal. Many of the double-page spreads are surrounded with decorative, detailed borders. (The pages are about the thickness of a file folder, making this a durable title, perfect for classroom use.)

Reviewed by the teachers at Education Oasis
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About the Author

Erica Briers lives in a small fishing village in Ireland. She loves the beauty of the landscape around her home, where she enjoys walking with her dogs. This is her first children's book.

About the Illustrator

Stephanie Boey was born in Malaysia and studied art and illustration in London. She is the illustrator of many children's books, including The Little Penguin, by A.J. Wood. Ms. Boey lives in London, England.