Leepike Ridge
Author: N.D. Wilson
Pages: 240
Publisher/Date: Random House/2007
ISBN: 0375838732
Age Levels: 9-12

Book Review

Eleven-year-old Tom Hammond lives with his widowed mother in an "old, dry house chained to the top of an enormous rock." Far below flows a stream.

One evening, Tom’s teacher, who has been asked to dinner, proposes to Tom’s mother. The young boy, frustrated and angry, slips away during the night. He makes his way to the water and ends up floating downstream on plastic packaging material.

Suddenly Tom is pulled underwater, beneath a rock ledge. Battered but alive, Tom finds himself in an underground cavern. There he finds a corpse. This is just the first of many discoveries, all of which eventually lead the boy to a buried treasure, and answers about his father’s untimely death.

Wilson spins a smartly crafted adventure tale that even your most reluctant readers will relish.

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About the Author

N.D. Wilson is a Fellow of Literature at New Saint Andrews College, where he teaches classical rhetoric to freshmen. He married a girl stolen from the ocean, and the two of them now live in Idaho with their four children. Leepike Ridge is his first novel for young readers.