I.Q. Goes to the Library
Author: Mary Ann Fraser
Pages: 32
Publisher/Date: Walker & Company/2003
ISBN: 0802788777
Age Levels: 4-8

Book Review

"Students, this is Library Week. Every day this week our class will be going to the library," announces Mrs. Furber. The class's pet mouse, I.Q., is thrilled. He's never been to the library before.

Once there, Mrs. Binder, the librarian, reads a funny book to the class. I.Q. thinks the story is hilarious and is determined to check out the book. Unfortunately, Mrs. Binder reshelves the book, necessitating a week-long hunt by I.Q. Each day, as the class returns to the library to learn about its many resources, I.Q. tags along. While searching for the funny book he makes delightful discoveries about the treasures the library holds. Finally, on Friday, he finds the book. With the help of Mrs. Furber, I.Q. obtains his very own library card and checks out his book.

The illustrations, done in pencil, gouache, and pen and ink, depict the many and varied resources found in the library while at the same time featuring the comical actions of I.Q.

Fraser does a superb job at subtly weaving an introduction to libraries and their use into this warm, funny, absolutely delightful tale.

Classroom Experience: We took this book into a kindergarten class and incorporated it into a lesson on using the school library. The students adored the book—as well as I.Q.—and asked for repeated readings.

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©2003 Education Oasis

About the Author

Mary Ann Fraser is the author and illustrator of many acclaimed books for children. She lives in Simi Valley, California, with her husband and three boys. Although they have many pets at home, none go to school. Their dog, Kalie, however, is still hopeful. Be sure to visit the author's website.