How Animals Live: The Amazing World of Animals
in the Wild

Authors: Bernard Stonehouse and Esther Bertram;
Illustrator: John Francis
Pages: 96
Publisher/Date: Scholastic Reference/2004
ISBN: 0439548349
Age Levels: 9 and up

Book Review

Update, 2015: I have now had this title on my classroom bookshelves for ten years. It has been much loved and well read. My reluctant readers seem especially drawn to it. Most importantly, however, it has been the "one" that started many a non-reader on his or her reading journey.

In their introduction, authors Bernard Stonehouse and Esther Bertram provide a succinct description of this outstanding title:
This book is about what animals do to keep themselves alive, and how they live as comfortably and efficiently as possible. It covers a wide range of animals, mostly birds and mammals, but reptiles, amphibians, fish, insects, and others, too. Some are familiar, everyday kinds of animals. Others are strange and exotic, and you would be lucky to find them even in zoos.
Divided into five chapters, the book begins with "Starting Out in Life," moves through "Sharing," "Fighting to Live," "Defenses," and ends with "Now You See Me," which explores how animals "show off" as well as hide away and camouflage themselves.

The text is accurate, accessible, and chock full of factual details. The artwork, nearly photo realistic, full of energy and exquisite detail, flows around and through the text. The whole is truly a thing of beauty.

A glossary and index are appended.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by the teachers at Education Oasis
©2005 Education Oasis

About the Authors

Dr. Bernard Stonehouse has devoted his life to studying mammals and marine birds in the wild. He has taught at universities around the world and has done extensive research on animal wildlife in both the Arctic and Antarctic. Now retired and living in England, Dr. Stonehouse is the author of many books on wildlife for young readers and adults.

Esther Bertram also has a great interest in animal wildlife and spent a number of years in Uganda, Africa, establishing education and conservation programs and researching the foraging habits of chimpanzees. She now lives in England where she is studying environmental issues affecting the polar regions.

About the Illustrator

John Francis is known throughout the world for his natural history artwork and his ability to capture the essence of animals in the wild. His wonderful full-color illustrations can be seen throughout How Animals Live and in numerous other books for young readers.