Freeze Frame: A Photographic History
of the Winter Olympics

Author: Sue Macy
Pages: 96
Publisher/Date: National Geographic/2006
ISBN: 0792278887
Age Levels: 9 and up

Book Review

Freeze Frame is a wonderful mix of history and heroes, conflicts and celebrations, drama and daring. Divided into five chapters and three photo galleries, this is by far the best children’s book you will find on the subject.

Readers will learn about the history of the games which began on a " crisp, clear January afternoon in 1924" in Chamonix, France as well as the so-called "weather jinx" which would become "as much a part of the Winter Games as ski boots and heavy sweaters."

Macy does an excellent job of weaving together descriptions of the athletes as they slide, ski, skate, and slalom their way to victory.

Too, she does not shy away from controversy. The Tanya Harding and Nancy Kerrigan scandal, for example, is dealt with appropriately, without sensationalizing the story.

The well-chosen photographs are exceptional—exactly what one would expect from National Geographic.

Also included is an Olympic Almanac which provides facts and figures as well as "Olympic Snapshots." These snapshots chronicle the breakthroughs and highlights of each of the games up to the present. Photographs of the official Olympic posters are found throughout.

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About the Author

Sue Macy is an award-winning author. She lives in Englewood, New Jersey. She greatly admires athletes, though her own mastery never progressed beyond Flexible Flyer sleds and the bunny slope at a nearby ski resort.