Book Reviews

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Author: Katherine Erskine
Summary: A unique, moving story of a ten-year-old with Aspergers who is trying to come to grips with the death of her beloved older brother who was killed in a middle-school shooting.
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Author: Carmela LaVigna Coyle;
Illustrators: Mike Gordon and Carl Gordon
Summary: A clever, rhyming text about what it means to be a princess.
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Author: Ann Kramer
Summary: A biography of a young Jewish girl whose family went into hiding as Hitler invaded the Netherlands.
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Author: Wendy Lichtman
Summary: Math-loving eighth-grader Tess learns that sometimes life has no solutions and that she must take risks and find her own answers.
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Authors: Cynthia Pratt Nicolson and
Paulette Bourgeois
Illustrator: Bill Slavin
Summary: Divided into 18 chapters that cover everything from asteroids to white dwarf stars.
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Author: N.D. Wilson
Summary: While his widowed mother continues to search for him, eleven-year-old Tom, presumed dead after slipping underground while drifting down a river, finds himself trapped in a series of underground caves with another survivor and a dog, and pursued by murderous treasure hunters.
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Author: Linda Bailey; illustrator: Josée Masse
Summary: An appealing, rhyming counting book.
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Author: Claudia Mills; illustrator: R.W. Alley
Summary: Nine-year-old Riley O'Rourke is assigned a biography report on Teddy Roosevelt. Chapter book.
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Author: Todd Parr
Summary: A bright, bold, joyful celebration of peace.
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Author: (Ms.) Michael Bania
Summary: An Inuit family feels cramped in their tiny home, but soon realize it could be much worse.
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Author: Sandra Forrester
Summary: In Depression-era Alabama, twelve-year-old Mary Bayliss Pettigrew struggles to understand why her beloved older brother, Leo, died and whether she, miraculously, lived for some special purpose.
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Author: Barbara Kerley
Summary: A visually stunning photo essay on world peace.
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Author: Michael Ferrari
Summary: Eleven-year-old girl stumbles onto a spying operation in World War II Rhode Island. A fast-paced, action-adventure with a spunky heroine.
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Author: Elizabeth MacLeod
Summary: An appealing biography of the life, beliefs, and thoughts of George Washington Carver in the context of his times.
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Author: J. Patrick Lewis
Summary: The history of Blackbeard, told in verse.
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Author: Mélanie Watt
Summary: Scaredy Squirrel realizes that in order to make a friend, he must take a risk.
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Author: Elizabeth MacLeod; illustrator: Louise Phillips
Summary: A rhyming game and animal fun all rolled into one.
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by Barbara A. Lewis
Summary: Text, anecdotes, and activities introduce and discuss how to build important character traits, such as caring, citizenship, cooperation, courage, fairness, honesty, respect, and responsibility.
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Author: Aubrey Davis;
Illustrator: Dusan Petricic
Summary: Young boy leaves bagels at synagogue for God.
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Author: Diane Cuneo;
Illustrator: Jack E. Davis
Summary: A young girl goes looking for her missing manners.