Show and Tell Ideas

Home-and-Back Bags

When we are doing "color items" for show and tell, I send home a brown lunch bag with the color of the item to be put in with 1/4 of the students on Monday. On Tuesday I send home the bags with another 1/4 of the class. I do this Monday through Thursday. (Thursday night's bags go home with anyone who was absent.) This way only 1/4 of the class has a bag each night, and the bags are reused. It is a good reminder to parents to help their child choose an item to bring, and it also keeps items a "secret" until they are ready to share with the class.
Submitted by: Frances Miller


A...B...What Do You See?

If you study a different letter of the alphabet each week, have each child bring in something to show and tell about which begins with the letter. Split the class into groups so that each day two to four children get to present.


Theme Days

When you study various themes, have the children bring in an item which relates to that theme.


Budding Rembrandts

Have each child select (or bring in) a favorite picture they have drawn, painted, or colored. Put these into a class book. Each day share one of the pictures and have the student tell why that picture is his or her favorite.


Show and Write

On a sentence strip, have each child either dictate or write one sentence about their show and tell item. Have them then draw a small picture of the item and glue it onto the end or back of the strip. Punch a hole into the end of the strip and hang them on a ring. Add to the ring as the year progresses. Students love to go back and read about their "sharing."

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