General Classroom Tips and Ideas
The First Five Minutes of Class
Each morning I skim through the Scholastic Kid's Alamanac and find something interesting such as: "Although there are more than 7,000 dialects spoken throughout the world, about 12 disappear each year." I write the interesting tidbit on the board along with a question. For example: Name some reasons you think the dialects die out. While the students are engaged in this, I am taking roll, etc. Afterward, we discuss their answers.
Submitted by K. Hudson
Preparation Tip!
When getting ready to leave the classroom for recess, PE, library, etc., have the students put the materials for the next lesson or activity on their desks before they leave. They will be ready to start as soon as they get back. Example: If quiet reading time follows lunch each day, have them leave their books on their desks, and they can get started as soon as the enter the room after lunch. Works well for all age groups.
Submitted by: Tracey
End-of-the-Day Reflection
During the last three to five minutes of the day, have students write in their journals one "fascinating fact" or thing that they learned that day. Allow students to share periodically. You may also want to post a large piece of chart paper in the room. Each day allow a different student to write on the chart paper (instead of in her journal). At the end of the week (or month), review what the students have written on the chart.
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