The Year That Was! Cover the board with photographs of favorite school-year memories. If you wish, you can also include headlines from the past year. (Have the students save these during the year.)

Oh, The Places We've Been! Attach photographs of field trips and outings on the board.

Sailing Into _____ Grade. Cover the board with a blue background. In the upper corner place a cut-out smiling sun. Cut out darker blue and green "waves" and place across the bottom of the board. Have students draw a sailboat and write their names on them. Cut out and place around the board.

See How We've Grown. Cover the board with blue background on the top and green at the bottom to represent the sky and grass. Place a large, smiling sun in the middle of the board. Have students make large flowers using cut paper petals around a small paper plate. Place a stem and leaves on the flower (cut from paper). Place the student's picture in the middle of the flower. Arrange flowers along the bottom.

Stepping Into Summer. Cover the board with a blue "sky" colored top and green "grass" on the bottom. Place a large smiling sun on an upper corner. Have students trace their footprints on colored construction paper and decorate. Have students write their names on the footprints and place the prints on the board.

Surfing Into ____ Grade. Cover the board with blue paper. Cut out one large wave and top with "foam" (cut from white paper). Place a large paper surfboard in the middle of the wave. Place students' names or pictures atop the board. Alternative: Instead of one large wave and board, make several several small waves. Atop these cut out individual paper surfboards and write the students' names on the boards.

Swimming Into Summer. Cover the board with a blue background. At the bottom staple long, wavy green "seaweed." (You can make these easily by saving laminating scraps and then coloring them with marker. Gather a few strips together and staple to the board.) Drape a fishing net on one side of the board. Have students make colorful, bright fish with their names on them. Place the fish around the board. Alternative: Students can research various kinds of fish and then draw and color one (or make them from construction paper).

Thanks for the Memories! Have students write about their favorite school year memories on brightly colored note paper. Attach their photograph to the note. Arrange the notes around the board.

We're Blasting Off To _____ Grade! Cover the board with a dark colored fabric or paper. If using paper, take the paper (which has been cut to size) outside and lay it on the ground. Dip a brush with white, yellow, gold, or silver paint and then spatter the paint on the paper. If using fabric, try to find the kind that has a space or star theme. Cut out one rocket ship for each child. Cut out a small opening (for the window of the ship.) Place the child's picture behind the opening so that it appears as if he or she is looking out the window.

BB Potpourri

Cover your bulletin board with the dust jackets of hardcover books.

Alternative Bulletin Board Covers
themed fabric colorful, cotton fabric wallpaper
gift wrapping paper cheap plastic tablecloths paper tablecloths (seasonal)

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